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The band's post production recording and mixing sessions, including sweetening and tracking multiple background vocals, percussion, and effects, resumed in June 2014 in the Los Angeles area. Final mixes are very close to completion.

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Trained in classical piano, Martin began his career playing Hammond organ and synthesizer in bands in and around upstate New York. The culmination of all of his artistic influences through the years is present in the band's initial album of melodic hard rock.


About Martin Victor


About Villains & Heroes

Inspired by '80's hard rock and metal, Villains & Heroes formed on the strength of Martin Victor's songwriting and leadership, and with guitarist John Andrews have put together an album's worth of musical dynamite.

Villains & Heroes

   Back Seat Prose



 "Keyboard oriented with heavy guitar undertones" aptly describes this debut offering from rockers Villains & Heroes. A veritable pastiche of Deep Purple, Kansas, and Dream Theater, the melody lines are lyrical and fresh, mixing old school savvy with modern textures and design. Memorable choruses and catchy hooks are trademarks which present themselves prominently, From the pulsating "Pantease" to the melancholy "I Want You Back", you'll be moved by the emotion of each track. And songs like "Getaway" and "Rebel" will get you foot stomping and raising your fists.

1) Calling

2) Pantease

3) Small Town Girl

4) Wild Nights

5) I Want You Back

6) Open Your Eyes

7) I Know

8) Getaway

9) Rebel

10) We'll Be Waiting

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